About Us


Merryland Applied Carrer Academy has set its vision in the following areas:

  • Character building with a positive attitude towards life and its trials.
  • Enabling individuals to view the society from a global perspective to consider global trends and to adapt to changing situations.
  • An attitude that helps to render service to society with the ultimate aim of creating a better and a meaningful life for both the individual and the mass.
  • Self-sufficiency and dedication towards treating and maintaining a more efficient work process.
  • Sound social interplay and communicative skills that would enhance coordination and management capabilities.
  • An innovative mind that would breed creative ideas and invaluable critical insights into the world of professional efficiency.
  • Our Programmes

    Duration for Charterd Accountancy (CA) under ICAN is 4.25 Years
    Duration for Charterd Accountancy (CA) under ICAI is 4.25 Years
    Duration for Accounting Technician under ICAN is 18 months
    Various Professional trainings are given ,Duration of this course is short term